3 Things That Must Be Right If Your Car Is To Pass Its MOT In The UK.

We are certainly a nation of car lovers in the United Kingdom and most weekends you will see us in our drives or in the street washing and waxing our cars. We treat it like a member of the family and some people even give their car a name. When we go out in the mornings and turn the key, the car starts up and we are ready to take the kids to school or us, to work. In order for the car to be as reliable as this, it needs regular servicing so that it doesn’t break down when we need it.

In the UK, every car over 3 years old needs to take a yearly test and you can prepare for this test called an MOT in Hamilton. Here, you will find a local and trusted mechanic to get your car ready and these are some things that they check.

  1. The emissions test is very strict and your engine needs an oil change and a tune-up to pass this part of the examination.
  2. Brakes, including pads, shoes and the actual brake lines need to be checked for wear and corrosion. They will go over your whole brake system with a fine tooth comb.
  3. All lights, wipers and all electrics must be working or your car will fail the test. Your local vehicle mechanic will look out for all of this.

This is a test that must be passed every year, so get your car into your local garage when the time comes to do it.

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