Guide to the best coats for men through body measurement

In this article, we want to show you a series of tips and recommendations for the task of choosing a coat with more bearable options for those who are a little lost in this world. If you are looking for the best luxury mens puffer jacket, then visit this link. 

How to properly wear a coat?

A coat allows you to stand out from the crowd if you can wear it with style and above all with common sense, the color black is fine but it is not necessary to stick to it as a lifeline of elegance, there are many timeless colors as they can be the color camel, beige, khaki or maybe different color mixes. 

The appropriate length of the coat can be very flattering for your appearance, but remember the relationship based on your height (we do not want you to clean the city with a coat that drags on the ground), if, for example, you are a man of average height, it is recommended that the coat does not go over your knee (if it is a little shorter, better still).

How to determine the correct size of a coat?

It is one of those things men hate. Men generally do not understand taking body measurements. That is why we are sharing tips regarding taking body measurements. 

Measure coat length

Here the range of possibilities opens up quite a bit since there are a multitude of morphologies and a common pattern cannot be established, to simplify it, the best you can do is place the measuring tape right where your shoulder ends (it coincides with the end of the clavicle at unless you are deformed) and measure just up to a couple of centimeters before reaching the knee. Visit our shop to buy luxury coat mens as you can find coats of different lengths there. 

Measure chest

The first thing is to measure the chest we must stand and with relaxed arms, our assistant (that friend that you will later invite to a drink) must measure the perimeter of our chest without tightening the tape measure too much. If you don’t want the coat to be too tight, you can add a couple of centimeters to the measurement (but don’t go overboard either).

The waist

The waist is another element to take into account when measuring our anatomy to determine the correct size, in this case, you can choose to meditate yourself and give your assistant rest.

Measure shoulder width

We stand up again in the event that we had sat down and our friend must put the measuring tape from shoulder to shoulder passing through the neck, it is the second most important measurement, if we go over, we are left with an excess of fabric that draws an unflattering silhouette, this point is very important.


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