The Many Choices for a Suitable Funeral

Funerals are obviously a time for grieving, and there are many options for a funeral service, which allows the family to choose a suitable send off for their deceased loved one. Here are just a few of the choices that can be found with your local funeral director.

The Coffin

There are quite a few options regarding coffins, with eco-friendly carboard units, and customised coffins for those who wish to make the send off unique. They have coffins to suit every taste and budget, and the expert funeral directors in Dursley will help you through this difficult time by walking you through the process.

Funeral Transportation

Everything from the traditional horse-drawn hearse to prestige limousines are available for the funeral procession, and aside from the traditional balck vehicles, you can also choose silver or pink hearse transportation. For those who would prefer something out of the ordinary, there are VW campervan and trike hearses.

The Service

Some prefer a non-religious service, and with a range of humanist options, you can choose a suitable service that the deceased person would have approved. It might be a theme funeral based on being environmentally aware, or if the deceased specifically asked for a happy funeral, rather than a traditionally sombre affair, anything can be arranged.

Theme Ideas

You might prefer something like:

  • Star Wars Theme
  • North American Indian Rituals
  • Buddhist Send Off

The funeral director would do his best to accommodate your requests, and he is there to assist in any way he can during this difficult time.


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