Things to Consider Before Taking Anabolic Steroids for Beginners

Buying anabolic steroids is not as easy as it looks. With the increase in demand, you should be vigilant because there are many online sellers that only exist to rip you off. If you are not careful, you will end up losing money, wasting your efforts and looking worse than you were.

As a beginner, you should consider the following things before you buy steroids cycles:

Reason for use

The first thing that you need to consider is your reason for use. Steroids can be used for building muscle (called bulking steroid). It can also be considered for strength and endurance (called performance steroid). For those who seek to burn fat, they can consider cutting steroids.

There are also other reasons for using steroids that include healing and recovery. Knowing the reason for use is important because it will guide you to the right steroid. In the end, you increase your chances of choosing steroids with the right elements.


You must be aware that every type of steroid contains different elements, which are meant to serve a particular purpose in the body. The right element can help you achieve your goals. With this, you should take time reading the labels or the ingredients section.


Steroids have different prices but if you are looking to maximise its effects, you should not compromise quality in order to save a few bucks. You should pick high-quality steroids. A good practice is to go for the steroids that are within your budget. If you buy online or in bulk, you can even get better deals.

When to discontinue?

More importantly, you should know when to discontinue. You need to stop the moment you experience side effects. Side effects include fluid retention, infertility, increased red cell count, lower HDL cholesterol level, higher LDL cholesterol level, hair loss, enlarged male breasts, changes in libido and many more.

So, how to find a trusted steroid seller?

There are only a few that you can trust – click over here. To be sure, you should know the attributes of trustworthy steroid sellers. Here’s a list of the attributes you should look for:

  • Reputation: to check the reputation of the online seller, you can either go through their reviews or join discussions. At the end of the day, you will have an idea about how they conduct business.
  • Free samples: a truly confident seller will give out free samples for first-time customers. This is important so you will know how the steroids affect you and how the store packs your order.
  • Money Back Guarantee: at the very least, the store should offer Money Back Guarantee. If you see a store with this, it reflects how confident they are of their products that they stand behind it.
  • Customer service: make sure that there is customer service, which can be reached through email, phone and chat 24/7.

Final words

You know that there are controversies surrounding the use of steroids but if you still pursue this, you should at least consult the doctor. The doctor can help you by providing you with the right dosage information. Aside from consulting the doctor, you should do your fair share of research. This is to ensure that you turn every stone before taking.

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