Clocks by HomeBox for Your House Makeover

Clocks can prove to be the perfect decoration item at your home. If you are giving your house a new makeover, or even a certain room, you must consider changing the clock according to the theme and style of that particular room. A clock doesn’t only serve the purpose of showing the time and date, but it also acts as a style statement. This is the oldest human invention that plays a very integral part in our daily lives and hence having a clock in every room of your house is very important. HomeBox is full of clocks in different styles, designs, and sizes. If you are giving your entire house a makeover, then make sure to use the homebox discount code so that you can get a clock for every room and that too at an amazing discounted rate.

For Your Hallway

If you are thinking to give a makeover to your hallway or corridor then do consider the clock according to the style. A hallway is the first thing you or anyone else entering your house will see as soon as they enter. As they say, the first impression is the last, so make sure your hallway stands out. The perfect clock for the hallway can be a cherry wood circular clock. This wooden handcrafted clock catches one attention because of its simple yet sleek design. A cuckoo wall clock can be a perfect fit for the hallway too and with homebox discount code you can avail this clock at a reasonable price.

For Your Drawing Room

Giving a makeover to your drawing room means you need to keep your budget a little open. The drawing room is perhaps the most royal place of your house and it is usually kept for entertaining guests. A drawing and kitchen are probably the most expensive part of your house and one needs a high amount to keep its maintenance as well. The grandfather clock is perhaps the most royal and extraordinary piece of science and art one can keep in their drawing-room. This grand clock comes in a tall wooden casing with weight-driven pendulum and a circular clock on top. They may be a little expensive but if you use the homebox discount code you will be able to get this grand clock at a discounted rate.

For Your Kitchen 

Keeping a clock in the kitchen is very important. It helps in keeping the track of the time and also noting the period required to bake or cook a specific dish. A clock for the kitchen should go with the color of your countertop, floor tiles or even color of the cabinets. In case that might look very simple for you, you can also go for clocks with vegetables, fruits, or other food-related items printed or designed on it to go with the kitchen theme. Homebox discount code offers these clocks at a reasonable rate, and they also can be a perfect gift for your friend or family member who just renovated their kitchen.

Clocks can always give you a hint of creativity and a new feeling when you add them to your house. In case you have a tight budget then you can always use homebox discount code to get these clocks at a lower rate.

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