What You Should Know About Different Affairs

An affair is a betrayal of trust. It causes significant distress in relationships. An affair is a relationship with someone other than your spouse or partner. Every person is unique. So are relationships. Couples differ in the way they view this subject.

Types of affair

Different people have different terms for affairs. Some refer to it as an emotional affair or a love affair. Others identify it as extramarital relationships. Most call it cheating.

  • Romantic

Also called an affair of the heart. It is a relationship between two people who love each other but are not married or living together. A strong connection and intimacy bind the two people in this affair. A person may forsake almost everything he or she has to be with their lover. Most couples caught up in a romantic affair are capable of sacrificing any part of their lives. This is to prolong or sustain the relationship. They are willing to give up their career. Breaking up their families and destroying their finances are not issues to them. Romantic affairs usually lead to divorce.

  • Casual

This is a physical and sometimes emotional relationship. Some call this a relationship with benefits. The couple engages in sexual relations but is not serious with each other. They do not expect a more formal romantic relationship despite this. They do not demand extra commitments. They seldom have that special feeling between each other. Motives for this kind of relationship vary from one couple to another. Most people who have a casual affair are not ready to be in a serious relationship. But they want to enjoy a romantic company. They are waiting for someone who is worth the commitment.

  • Emotional

An emotional affair is one that lacks sexual intimacy. It is an intense relationship where the sexual element does not enter. It starts as innocent friendships. A strong emotional bond begins to form when they spend more time with one another. Some consider an emotional affair harmless. But this hurts the intimacy of the spousal relationship and may lead to divorce. This kind of affair may become sexual infidelity in no time.

  • Cyber

A cyber affair or an online affair is one that occurs online. With technology, cheating can now take place through phones or over the internet.  It usually happens between two strangers. But it sometimes happens with someone the person knows in real life. A cyber affair has emotional and sexual undertones. People perform this via chat, webcam, email, text or other forms of communication. This usually leads to cybersex. The participants may feel that their feelings for each other have grown more. They may decide on a personal meeting due to this. It often leads to a romantic affair and usually to divorce.

  • Sanctioned

A sanctioned affair means a couple has a certain agreement. They agree upon which forms of sex their primary partner can engage in. This includes swinging and dating. Couples may also agree on polyamory. It is the practice of intimate relationships with more than one partner. Some even consent to a ménage à trois where three people share a sexual relationship. An open marriage that works for both parties has to stick with the terms agreed upon.

Affecting your relationship

Sometimes it can break up a marriage. Other couples save their relationship through communication and professional help. But for others, they find it disappointing. They consider it not worth the emotional toll it takes on their feelings and marriage. San Antonio divorce lawyers make sure that they cope up with this situation. Sometimes it is better to let go of things than hurting yourself by holding on to it.

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