Most people choose jewelry according to what they think is pretty.

Maybe you’re most into the cool silver? The glorious gold? Or the warm and very modern red gold? You may also love brightly colored or glittering stones in your necklaces or on your earrings – or love some of it all, such as the beautiful moonstone jewelry.

However, with the right jewelry you can emphasize your skin tone and make it look even more beautiful.

Therefore, there is good reason to choose jewelry based on whether you have light, golden or dark skin. Especially when it comes to important jewelry that you plan to keep for a lifetime and not just cheap jewelry from the supermarket.

How to choose jewelry by skin tone can be read here.


Generally, a distinction is made between having a cool skin tone or a warm skin tone.

A cool skin tone can have a shade of something slightly bluish and is most often found in light-haired people with blue eyes. If you are easily blushing and difficult to tan, you are likely to have a cool skin tone.

A warm skin tone has a shade of something golden and is often found in people with dark hair and green or brown eyes. If you easily get tan, there is a good chance that your skin tone is golden.

Once you find out if your skin tone is one or the other, you can move on to choosing jewelry that matches this one.


For example, when finding a new necklace or earrings, you can emphasize the characteristics of your skin by choosing a material that is reminiscent of your skin.

If you have a cool skin tone, silver or steel jewelry is a good choice. If you are mostly into gold, white gold is obvious because this type of gold has a cool shade.

On the other hand, if you have a warm skin tone, red gold is a very fine choice because the heat in the radiant gold emphasizes your skin’s own glow. The same goes for rose gold and copper.

If you love silver or rose gold respectively – but your skin tone does not fit the material immediately – do not despair. There are jewelry that combines several materials and yet allows you to wear a piece of jewelry that matches you.


Should you find rings, necklaces, earrings or bracelets with stones in great colors, you can use your eye color as a marker. A color that matches this will also suit your skin tone.

If you have blue eyes, you can safely choose stones in blue tones. If you have brown eyes, the reddish and orange shades will suit you well.

In relation to the colors that are not decidedly eye colors – such as yellow, purple and pink – you can choose stone color according to the individual hue’s own warmth.

For example, a yellow can either be as cool and clear as a lemon or warm and golden as autumn leaves. If your skin tone is cool, choose the first one – if it’s warm, choose the last one.

The same goes for purple and pink. A sharp pink suits a dark complexion and a pastel color for a light complexion.

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