Skin Friendly Soaps to Avoid Dry & Itchy Skin

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Hand washing is a practical way of get rid of remnants of meal, dirt, and germs. Washing hands with soap is important for a healthy lifestyle but the soap develops a ground for dry skin. The presence of irritating elements in conventional soap can reduce the moisture-protective barrier from hands. As a result, the skin gets cracked, painful and provides a smooth way for infections. These days, washing hands is as much essential as taking a breath. Washing hands repeatedly can keep us safe from germs but cause other damages to the skin. When harmful ingredients are used for a long-term basis, it cannot only worsen the skin condition but cause irritation. Mention Bath and Body Works coupon code for getting gel-based soap free of dyes and parabens to keep the hands clean and germs-free without losing moisture. 

Ingredients in Hand Soap

There are overabundances of hand soaps in the market that confuse the buyers to figure out the best and harmful products. Usually, the selection is made on the basis of color and tempting scent or even the brand. In fact, these are not the way to define a good and skin-friendly product. Here are some favorable and unfavorable points of hand soaps that can help in choosing the right product. 

  • Foam Based Hand Wash

Foam-based hand wash gives an effect of clean and soft hands, however, the synthetic elements (Sulfates) in the foam lead to cracked skin, parched hands, and dryness. Moreover, sulfates develop redness and itching in the hands. Get Bath and Body Works coupon code for receiving the best soap that maintains the moisturized and soft skin without any side effects.

  • Gel Based Sanitizer

Hand sanitizers are ideal to use when you are on the way and cannot wash your hands to eliminate germs. In the absence of water and soap, these are the most useful items. Though emollients in sanitizer can keep the skin safe from dryness; however some sanitizer gels can work against the skin barrier and take out the natural oil. Skin inflammation becomes visible in form of sore skin and itchy patches that are the doorway for infections. 

  • Ingredients to Evade

It is said that specific toxic elements can enter the bloodstream if these are used for a long duration. If you are a health-conscious person, always check the type of ingredients to avoid toxic agents, such as 

  • Sulfates

Search for the ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate or SLS that cause the lather but takes out the natural oils and interrupt the blockade function.

  • Dyes

Yellow No 5, Red No 40, and Blue No 1 are some of the examples of colors and numbers that are used in soaps to give bright colors. 

  • Animal Fats

Tallow is the word used for animal fat retrieved from pigs and cows.

  • Perfumes

Fragrances are present in almost all soaps. It is acknowledged that ingredients like phthalates cause birth defects and endocrine disorders. Avail Bath and Body Works coupon code to order Vitamin E, essential oils, aloe and shea-containing soap.

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