Immune System and Babies – Tips for New Parents

Baby develops body parts, organs and systems with the passage of time as s/he grows older. It means that the immune system also develops gradually. This is why the babies remain at high risk of infection in the early days after birth. provides details about vaccination and breastfeeding. It creates affordable deals and sales with Mamas and Papas discount Qatar on baby essentials. Before you move to the Mamas & Papas store online, it is advisable to understand the immunity system in babies. 

Immunity System and Babies:

As a matter of fact, scientists define the “Immune System” as a chain of proteins and cells defending the body against various infections. It protects the systems from foreign agents such as viruses, fungi, and bacteria. This system activates with the help of white blood cells whenever these foreign agents enter the body. White blood cells recognize these agents as enemies and cerate antibodies to develop a defense wall. Interestingly, the immune system remembers the infection and develops a database in order to fight in the future. 

Newborns have an immature immune system. This system will continue strengthening throughout life. It is advisable to keep the babies in safe hands in order to avoid germ interaction, especially in the early weeks. 

Immunity in Babies:

No doubt, the immune system starts from zero levels in babies but it performs active duty against germs and infections. The natural ability to record the type of attack and counterattack enables the immune system to plan for future defense policies. Breast milk is the best source of antibodies. This is why moms have the Mamas and Papas discount Qatar to purchase breast pumps, feeders, cups, and more. Get all these tools and make breastfeeding an easy task. 

Immunity and Premature Birth:

Newborn babies with immature birth events have a weak immune system. They experience slow development of immunity. It is due to the energy they utilize to stabilize the body. Remember, these babies spend more energy for organ development and strengthening rather than investing in immunity development. This is why premature babies are more susceptible to germs and infections. 
Can I Boost Baby’s Immunity?

The answer is “Yes” but the technique may be different from adults. Adults can boost immunity by consuming good meals having high volumes of nutrition. In contrast, babies can’t consume these diets and supplements. They have to rely on mother’s milk only. Thanks to Mother Nature, breast milk contains antibodies. Moms who breastfeed the babies give them the best level of strength. Here are the popular ways to boost immunity in babies. 


The process of vaccination starts from the pregnancy and it ends at the age of 6 years. Vaccination is the best method to induce resistance against some lethal infections such as whooping cough, typhoid, measles, and cholera.   


Maintaining hygiene in the baby’s nursery is not difficult. Use Mamas and Papas discount Qatar to bring hygienic towels, antibacterial cleaners, and other products. Make sure you are using the utmost care while handling the babies.

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