Basic Tips For Proper Tyre Care

When it comes to tyres, there are at least three most common problems. These are overloading, over-speeding, and over (or under) inflation. Overloading, as specified by your tyre manufacturer’s loading recommendation, can cause excessive heat that could end up destroying your tyres. Overspeeding not only contributes to excessive heat but also rapid air loss, which could lead to accidents on the road. And over or under inflation can negatively impact your car’s traction, braking, and driving comfort. These three problems can greatly affect your driving and your safety as well. So it is only right to know how to properly care for your tyre.

Basic Tips For Proper Tyre Care

You need to make sure your tyres are in good shape. Here are some basic tips you can use as your guideline.

– Your wheels should be properly aligned. Wheel alignment ensures the best road handling, helps you save fuel, and ensures tyre protection from irregular and quick wears. You’ll know you need alignment when your car is suddenly pulling to the right or the left, when tyres are squealing, and when there is uneven wear on your tyres. Alignment is also critical when you drive down bad roads a lot. Tyre manufacturers recommend getting your alignment looked at every 10,000 kilometers.

– Always keep your tyres balanced to avoid premature wear. Having your wheels balanced not only ensures against premature wear, but it also protects the steering system, suspension, and bearings of your car. Get your wheels balanced when you get a tyre replaced or buy the new tyres that trusted manufacturers have to offer.

– Check your tyre valves. Have them checked by professionals, if you are not too knowledgeable about valves and valve caps. These components, tyre manufacturers point out, are subject to deterioration. By ensuring that these components are in their best state, you maintain correct tyre pressure as well as airtight seal and longer tyre life.

– Monitor your tyre pressure monthly. Tyre pressure is critical. The correct one minimises your risk for losing control over your car. Look at your user manual to find out the proper tyre pressure for your car. Getting your tyre pressure checked is critical especially when you are about to go on a long road trip. You should include the pressure of your spare tyres as well because you never know when broken glass or sharp rocks blow out one of your tyres and you need to replace it with a spare. You need to make sure that your spare tyres are also in top condition.

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