How to Move into a Studio Apartment

Many young people leave the security of their parent’s home to start life as a fully independent adult, and that usually means a studio apartment, which is designed for a single occupant. There are also those who are in the process of a divorce and part of starting a new life includes finding affordable accommodation, and if you are soon to move into your own place, here is a short guide to help make the move go smoothly.

Rent a Van

You don’t need anything big, as you are rather limited for space in a studio apartment, and the typical set up would include:

  • Bed
  • Wardrobe
  • Chest of Drawers
  • Personal stuff
  • Electric appliances

On top of this, there would likely be some ornamental things and maybe a guitar of a set of weights, and all of this can easily fit into a small commercial van. There’s a very affordable van rental company in Melksham who have the ideal vehicle to help you move, and the entire project would be done in a day.

Packing Materials

You won’t need too much, a few strong boxes, some bags, masking tape, scissors and a felt marker and some labels. Aside from this, you will need some blankets and rope, to secure the load, and before you know it, everything will be sitting in the new home, waiting to be unpacked.

Choose a dry day and get someone to help you with the carrying, and take your time, as moving can be quite tiring, and with a reliable van that is locally hired, you can carry out the move without the added expense of a removal company.

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